Jason E Geistweidt

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A letter from the trenches of Adrianopolis . . .

In his manifesto, The Art of Noises, Luigi Russolo incorporates a letter from his colleague, the father of The Futurist Manifesto, F. T. Marinetti. In this letter, a description of the battlefield, the poet endeavours to relate the sounds of “the orchestra of the noises of war” via onomatopoetic text. In A letter from the trenches of Adrianopolis . . . Marinetti’s prose is presented in English translation by five individual voices. The readings have been transformed and reworked to convey the sonic milieu of the battlefield. The composition works in multiple layers with distinct fore-, mid- and background regions. This dimensionality is further heightened by the use of horizontal movement complementing the gestures of individual events. A letter from the trenches of Adrianopolis . . . progresses between external examination of events and internal reflections of the observer. This work was the recipient of the 2005 emsPrize from Electronic Music Sweden and premiered 22 October 2004 at the Belfast Festival.