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august 2016

August 2016 is a deck of 101 cards outlining instructions for realizing, witnessing, and reporting the completion of a unique situation. Anyone who wishes to participate may select a card from the top of the deck and – in their own time and manner – realize the event outlined on the back of the card. Upon completion, the participant is asked to provide a brief testament on the back of the card, as well as secure an individual to serve as witness to the unfolding of the event. Both performer and witness should sign the card, at which point the card may be deposited into any United States postal box to be processed and archived.

If a return address is provided and the card arrives at the specified address, a letter and certificate of completion (suitable for framing) is returned to the participant confirming completion of the event. This work was part of the Embodiment Show at the Preston Bradley Center in October of 2016. Cards began arriving November 2016 and were processed through 2017.

Card #31 and #32 of 101
letter of completion
certificate of testimony