Jason E Geistweidt

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for want of forest

Entering the field of tubes.


Installation view.

for want of forest is a large-scale, site-specific light and sound installation inspired by a variety of naturally occurring and paranormal phenomenon such as will-o’-the-wisps, the pulsing lights of large antennae farms, and the Marfa Lights. The work is comprised of a collection of 24-40 two-meter acrylic diffusion tubes suspended vertically at varying heights. Each tube contains an array of addressable LEDs which illuminate the instrument internally, allowing for each to perform independently and display personalized behaviors.

At the heart of the installation is an array of low frequency oscillators that drive the the audio component as well as the lighting display. As the oscillators fall in and out of sync with one another, patterns arise and fall, giving the installation a natural, organic progression. As such, the installation presents the viewer with a space that is in flux, a space to which one must continuously reorient themselves. The forever rising drone component adds an otherworldly complement, creating a supernatural, if not alien, landscape. The work is an audiovisual modulation, a neutral artifact for contemplation.