Jason E Geistweidt

about ephemera

elaine catherine miller: mfa, intedisciplinary art/photography

How to Have a Natural Experience is an acknowledgement to my own disillusionment and passivity towards the natural world. In front of my TV, I can escape to the Serengeti, Himalayas, and into the scariest depths of the ocean without leaving the safety of my couch. Eating handfuls of chili pepper & lime flavored Takis, gulping mouthfuls of Strawberry Crush, I can go weeks without having digested a single real fruit or vegetable.

Huddled under a mountain of blankets while the air vent above sends a direct stream of blowing heat down onto my cold, frigid body, I can forget what standing on the edge of a hill with a gust of wind at my back feels like. I don’t need to seek wildlife when I already have a slew of small, domesticated animals running rampant around the limited 500 square feet of space my partner and I inhabit. Out an open window in my kitchen, I can hear the neighbor’s dog barking, the birds chirping – I know the outside is there, and yet, I have everything I need here – inside.