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department of suits: wearable computing studio

The Department of Suits is a collaborative final project of the Wearable Computing Studio 2018, a trio of jackets which are interconnected via the network. Each 'suit' is kitted out with a wifi-enabled microcontroller that sends orientation data from accelerometers embedded in the sleeves of each garment. This data is abstractly visualized within a browser, such that the wearer can influence the visual component in real time. Observers are able to tweet the suit by sending a uniqe hashtag and that alters the color of a jacket's LEDs as well as activate a vibration motor sewn inside jacket, allowing the tweeter to tap the wearer on the shoulder from anywhere in the world. The LCD screen reports any state change in the suit and displays the screen name of the tweeter.

Hello Suits!
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Last minute debugging
Suit #1 complete
Sewing conductive thread
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